Panchgani Youth Meet 2012

In the last one century, many Zoroastrian youth bodies were formed in different cities and small towns of India.  But due to distances and cultural backgrounds and differences between metro and smaller towns, most of these youth bodies found it difficult to interact with each other.  A brainchild of Mr.Porus Karanjawalla, and on the lines of FPZAI, THE FEDERATION OF ZOROASTRIAN YOUTH ASSOCIATIONS (or FOZYA) was conceived at the first All India Youth Seminar held at New Delhi in 1987.  It was then in the year 1991, under the able guidance of Mr.Keki Gandhi and Mr. Jehangir Bisney, FOZYA was formed at The Nagpur Youth Seminar with  Mr. Jehangir Bisney as its founder president.

From humble beginnings our team of dedicated volunteers have helped to make what FOZYA is today.  Over these 20 years, we have acted on behalf of the Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian youth and their associations in India.

FOZYA has always placed the interests of the Zoroastrian youth first and foremost and is committed to the interaction and assimilation of all Zoroastrian youth bodies in India. It is also committed to the advancement of the Zoroastrian faith and knowledge amongst the youth, while maintaining a policy of flavour which respects the diverse traditions and practises of Parsi and Irani Zoroastrians in India.

Over these 20 years, FOZYA has built an outstanding reputation, which is recognised and respected by all Panchayats and Anjumans across India. None of this would have been possible without the trust and confidence of our members, donors, supporters and last but not the least my delegates and friends. With the grace of Ahura Mazda, we will continue to move forward with our youth activities and keep our youth within our community.
FOZYA has also organised intercity youth meets between two or three youth bodies across India. These meets are usually held jointly with youth bodies at a convenient location in India.  After the success of the 20th All India Youth Meet held at Mumbai, The Federation of Zoroastrian Youth Associations wishes to inform the youth that an Intercity Youth Meet has been scheduled during the first week of June at the picturesque hill station of Panchgani nestled in the midst of five hills in the Sahyādri mountain ranges.  Attempts are being made to include outdoor activities like trekking, rappelling, boat riding etc into our agenda thereby giving delegates a reason to enjoy themselves and go back with cheerful memories and in high spirits. Most activities will be outdoors and a visit to a special parsi institution is in progress to show delegates Zoroastrain Philanthophy which  dates back to pre indepandance era. Since this is an outstation meet, the number of delegates will be limited.  To be more precise, not more than 30 will be able to participate.  Cities participating must have a girl to boy ratio of 50:50 so that the boys don’t crowd in too much and a equal number of delegates interact.
More details will shortly be available on &

Delegates may also contact FOZYA members on the following numbers for further details:

Mabrin Noshir Nanavatti – Pune – 09822000433
Ariz Bokdawalla – Gujarat – 09825285549
Pearl Tirandas – Mumbai – 09820158874
Farah Wadia – Hyderabad – 09573217764
Aspi Sagar – North India – 09871233209